About us

The Association of Local Self-Government Bodies of the Kharkiv Region is a voluntary non-governmental and non-profit association of rural, settlement, city and district councils of the Kharkiv region, as well as the regional council. The Association was created by them in order to more effectively exercise their powers, coordinate the actions of local self-government bodies to protect the rights and interests of territorial communities, promote their socio-economic development, deepen interaction and cooperation.

The Association has a local status and extends its activities to the entire territory of the Kharkiv region.

In 2007, the Association was registered as the first in Ukraine as a regional association of local self-government bodies. Since that time, the Charter of the Association has been repeatedly amended to improve the organization of the work of the Association.

When developing the Law of Ukraine "On Associations of Local Self-Government Bodies", which was adopted in 2009, the developers took into account the positive experience of our association.

Membership in the Association

More than 95% of all local councils of the region have united in the Association. The financial basis for the activities of the Association is contributions and other sources not prohibited by law.

Governing bodies of the Association

  • President of the Association - TETIANA YEHOROVA-LUTSENKO (Chairman of the Kharkiv regional council);
    General meeting;
    Governing body.

Subsidiary bodies

  • Sections;
  • Profile commissions;

The governing bodies and subsidiary bodies of the Association exercise their powers on a voluntary basis. The First Vice President and Executive Directorate of the Association work on a permanent basis.


The Association takes an active part in the development of local self-government and socio-economic development of the region, inter-municipal, cross-border cooperation of its members.

The Association actively conducts seminars, "round tables" and other educational and methodological events with the involvement of scientists, experts, heads and specialists of public authorities.

The Association systematically prepares printed publications of a methodological and informational nature for leaders, deputies and specialists of local councils.

An important direction of the Association's work is to attract local councils and associations of citizens to participate in competitions, programs, projects, grants aimed at the development of territorial communities, rural infrastructure and the development of local self-government in general.

The Association is constantly working to create conditions for increasing the efficiency of the chairmen of local councils and deputies, contributes to the formation of a healthy lifestyle, communication in an informal setting. For this purpose, the regional sports club "Deputy" was created.


Association of Local Self-Government Bodies of the Kharkiv Region.
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Члени Асоціації 

За результатами виборів 25.10.20 року у області обрано 56 голів сільських, селищних, міських громад та місцевих рад і сформовано склад 7 нових районних рад.
У складі Асоціації об’єдналися 62 місцеві ради, в тому числі - 54 сільських, селищних, міських рад, 7 районних рад та обласна рада, що складає 97% від загальної кількості рад Харківщини. Детальніше...